Trade Exhibitor of the Year Awards

Every trade exhibitor has the opportunity to win the Wanaka A&P Show Trade Exhibitor of the Year Award. There are two categories every year, one for small exhibitors and one for large exhibitors. Winners are judged on the amount of interest created in the exhibit, eye-catching aspects, originality, staff presentation, service and how the information is conveyed. Judges also consider how much impact an exhibit makes in relation to the size of the trade site, plus the level of interaction with customers.

Every trade exhibitor has the opportunity to win!

Wanaka A&P Show Best Large Trade Exhibitor of the Year 2015

Congratulations to Hirepool/Civil Contractors NZ (Otago)/Hynds and Grandma Coleman’s Old Fashioned Jams and Chutneys – the 2015 winners! They were presented their ribbons by Speaker of the House and former Primary Industries Minister David Carter.

A combined effort by Hirepool, Civil Contractors NZ (Otago branch) and Hynds impressed judges to win the 2015 Best Large Trade Exhibitor. Their fun, interactive exhibit included a mini diggers for kids and adults to have a go at using heavy machinery. The display also included a 30-tonne excavator and large irrigation troughs. Hirepool’s Otago/Southland territory sales specialist Aaron Chave says it’s important for youngsters to experience what it’s like to work in the excavation industry.

wanaka A&P show best large trade exhibit award 2015From left: Upper Clutha A&P Society Agricultural Scholarship recipient Alannah Stalker, Society President Robbie Gibson, Hon. David Carter, Hirepool’s Aaron Chave, trade exhibit judge Chrissie Stevenson and Hynds branch manager Blair Sabiston.

Wanaka A&P Show Best Small Trade Exhibitor of the Year 2015

Riverton-based Grandma Coleman’s Old Fashioned Jams and Chutneys is the business of Samantha Dalton. Originally from Ireland, Samantha grew up watching and helping her Grandma Coleman make jams and chutneys and was inspired to start her business a few years ago. Using family recipes and hand-cut produce from around the region, Samantha is a regular at the Southern Farmers Market and various Shows. Samantha was delighted to be acknowledged by the Wanaka Show for her trade stall efforts.

wanaka A&P show best small trade exhibit 2015From left: Hon. David Carter, Samantha Dalton, Upper Clutha A&P Society President Robbie Gibson and trade exhibit judge Chrissie Stevenson.

Best Trade Exhibitors Site – Large and Small Results



Large – Plains Irrigators

Small – Catlin Soap Company


Large  – Hirepool/Civil Contractors NZ (Otago)/Hynds

Small – Grandma Coleman’s Old Fashioned Jams and Chutneys


Large – Alpine Helicopters

Small – Vetlife



Large – Mainland Minerals

Small – TJ Slammer



Large – Humes

Small – TJ Slammer



Large Trade – Steve Scoles – Claas

Small Trade – The Complete Garden


Large – L10  Hynds Pipe Systems

Small – B18  Otautau Joinery Limited

Wanaka A&P Show Trade Exhibitor of the Year Award

Every trade exhibitor at the show has the opportunity to win