No Dogs at the Wanaka A & P Show

Due to increasing complaints over the years, the Society has unfortunately decided to ban dogs within the showgrounds unless they are Guide Dogs or Competitive Dogs (tagged).

Whilst the members of the society are all dog and animal lovers due to the large number of dogs being brought to the Show, health and safety issues have been raised.  

The most important issues raised have compounded with the increase in numbers:-

  • Wees and Poos on the grounds
  • Wees on the marquees and including trade sites
  • Dogs in Food Court
  • Wondering dogs, off leads.
  • Long leads causing tripping
  • Irritated dogs due to high temps
  • Irritated dogs due to large number of people
  • Risk of injury to people especially small children
  • Loose dogs getting into livestock areas and competition Zones
  • Pet dogs not immunised mixing with farm animals.

This also brings us in line with larger A & P Shows and Events.

Dogs are generally banned by QLDC and other councils from Children’s Playgrounds, Sports Grounds, Restaurants and Retail Areas.