$10.9 Million Contributed to Local Economy


The 2015 Wanaka A&P Show brought almost $10.9 million worth of direct economic benefits to the area, an independent study has found.

The report, prepared by Opinions Market Research Ltd, reveals that the total expenditure by trade exhibitors, volunteers, spectators and competitors over the two-day event in March was an estimated $10,864,638.97. No economic multipliers have been applied.

Of this, non-local Show attendees contributed an estimated $8,143,382.11 or – 75 percent – of the expenditure impact: “This amount represents the ‘new money’ brought into the Wanaka economy because of staging this event,” the report says.

Local attendees contributed an estimated $2,721,256.86 – or 25 per cent – of the expenditure impact.

Average length of stay in Wanaka was 2.6 nights.

“Special events such as the Wanaka A&P Show provide important recreational opportunities for local residents as well as forming a fundamental component of the destination’s tourist attractions,” the report says.

“The event has an economic impact in both increasing opportunities for new expenditure within Wanaka by attracting visitors to the region as well as retaining the expenditure of locals who, in the absence of local events, would travel elsewhere in pursuit of leisure activities.”

This year’s Wanaka A&P Show, held on March 13-14, attracted a record 35,000 people and was the largest-ever in the event’s 78-year history, in terms of size and entry numbers. This is the first economic impact report undertaken for the Wanaka A&P Show.

The report reinforces what Show owners the Upper Clutha A&P Society have believed for a long time, Show coordinator Jane Stalker says.

“Every year the Wanaka A&P Show attracts people from all over New Zealand to Wanaka for our special two-day event. We are proud to deliver a nationally-recognised, community event and are delighted to have the direct economic benefit quantified,” she says.

“We are also thrilled to learn from the report that we achieved a 97 per cent satisfaction rating from our visitors. People love coming to the Show and returning every year.

“The Wanaka Show is an important rural and community event, bringing town and country together. It’s run by a not-for-profit society and we are also focused on giving back to the community each year in return for their support at the Show. Last year we gave more than $80,000 to community groups and organisations following the 2014 Show,” Stalker says.


Written By Celia Crosby – Scope Media

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