History of the Upper Clutha A&P Show

The Upper Clutha A & P Association was formed in 1895 as the Upper Clutha Valley A & P Association with the first show being held at the Cromwell Racecourse in 1896. It is common local knowledge that the now current A & P Show had its beginnings in 1895 however there does not seem to be any articles nor minutes that directly connect the two. The names Association and Society are both used and indeed both were referred to in the 26th April 1909 Minutes so it appears that there is no real difference in designation. The Upper Clutha Society Show in Cromwell had varied support varied year to year and then World War 1 intervened. Soon after the war, Richard Wilson came to be manager of Wanaka Station, he led in the task of reforming the Upper Clutha A & P Association and was successful in having it centred on Pembroke.

In 1933 the Show was reinstated in Wanaka with the first show being in 1934 and it has been based at the picturesque lakefront Showgrounds ever since, run by the Upper Clutha A & P Society. The Show takes its annual show dates from 1934.

To celebrate the 50th Show, Mrs Sybil Hunt, wife of the Society’s first president – Mr J S Hunt – opened the event in 1983. In 2012, Prime Minister John Key attended to mark the 75th Show. As member of the Royal Agricultural Society of New Zealand, the Wanaka A&P Show hosted a Royal Event in 2008. Three events – Round the Ring Equestrian, Dog Trials and Stud Sheep – were given the prestigious status and 14 RAS Royal Event medals were awarded.


The Upper Clutha A & P Society was formed in 1933 with the first show being held in 1934.

The A & P Show has always been held on the current grounds in the centre of Wanaka, with the only time it was suspended was during the war years of 1942-1945.

After 81 years the show structure changed from a President to a five member Board. The section Committees are still very active ensuring that the A & P aspect is kept strong.

Over the years the Show has seen continued growth to the full two day programme of events we see today, with quality stock competitions, a growing home industry section and trade exhibitors, entertainment and agricultural displays filling every corner.


Pictured below are Tony Glynn, Mike Scurr (Chairman), Brenda King, Chrissy Gibson (Vice Chairman), Grant Ruddenklau.


Hon. Life Members: W H Gibson, P D Gordon, J C A Lucas, Mrs D Gordon, Mrs K Curtis, A R Morris

Board: Mike Scurr - Chairman, Chrissy Gibson - Vice Chairman, Brenda King, Tony Glynn, Grant Ruddenklau

Event Manager: Jane Stalker

Financial: Bronwyn McCarthy

Board Minute Secretary: Sue Aspinall

Livestock Manager: Fe Howie

Horse Committee: Fe Howie (Chief Steward), John Lucas, Alan McKay, Dave Mackay, Dee Gordon, Ross Howie, Christine Gibson, Emma Rowe-Pledger, Emma Davidson, Ian Tippett, Brenda King, Judy Thomas, Penny Ford, Cate Howie, Lydia Beales, Jane Rimmer

Cattle Committee: Rupert Power (Chief Steward) Charlie Ewing, Pip Ewing, John Osborne, Geof Brown, Dave Power, Helena Power, Mike Elliot, Dougal Stalker

Sheep Committee: Boyd Ottrey, (Chief Steward), Ben Purvis, Bill Gibson, Robbie Gibson, Murray Sheppard, Murray Pryde, Tony Brent, Sam Purvis, John Templeton, Graham Senior, Edward Ottrey, Dan Pickney

Fleece Wool Committee: Martin Paterson (Chief Steward), Tom Rowley, Sandy Morris, Jack Davis, Taff Cochrane, Ian Bagley, Jim Morris, Mike Saunders

Dog Trial Committee: Jack Mansfield (Chief Steward), Don Mackay, Rick McNeilly, Don McRae, Duncan McRae, Hamish Mackay

Home Industry Committee: Janice Dickey (Chief Steward) Jan Allen, Jill Bruce, Lesly Stewart, Kate Norman, Liz Buggs, Sarah Allen, Toni Hyslop, Vics Haydon

Boer Goat Committee: Owen Booth, Dougal Laidlaw

Sheaf Tossing Committee: Jerry Burdon, Hugh Simmers

Trade: Paul Tamati, Hugh Simmers

Parade Marshall: Richard Pledger

Auditor: Ashton Wheelans

Announcers: Alan Kane, Tim Black, Tony Glynn, Cate Howie, Nikki McKay

Farrier: S Cooper

Hon Veterinary Surgeon: VetEnt Wanaka

Emergency Services & Traffic Management: R Fegan