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The 2019 Show, held on March 8-9, will be the 82nd annual event for Show owners, the Upper Clutha A&P Society.

With the opportunity to reach 40,000 people over two days, more than 500 trade exhibitors from around New Zealand descend on Wanaka to take part in the hugely popular Show. The Show is renowned for superb shopping opportunities as well as top-quality livestock and equestrian displays.

Trade sites come in a variety of sizes to suit exhibitor’s needs. Sites are well-appointed and positioned to capture Wanaka’s summer sun and famous mountain vistas.

By appearing at the Show every trade exhibitor has the opportunity to win the Wanaka A&P Show Trade Exhibitor of the Year Award. There are two categories – for small and large exhibitors.

Booking Process, Pricing & Terms

Download an info sheet including terms and conditions. Once you’ve read and understood this you’ll be able to complete the online form below

Trade Exhibitor Registration Form

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