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Wanaka A&P Show Power Application Form

Submit this form if you require the use of power at your trade site.
  • Electrical Contract

    Electrical Contractor: Pumptech Industrial 0275507874

  • There will be no power prior to 12.00pm on Thursday.

    It is necessary to assess your likely power consumption when booking your site.

    If you are heating water you are not a low power user.

    Personal generator must be of the "silent-type" and fully compliant.

    Note: Exhibitors will be monitored during the event to ascertain their power usage. Any exhibitor exceeding their level may trip the circuit breaker and will be charged a penalty in addition to the fee It is the exhibitors responsibility to arrange all electrical equipment on their site.

    All electrical equipment on site must comply with Australian/New Zealand standard 3002:2002.

  • Charges

  • The charges are based on a user pays system; High Power $70 (excl GST) per day, Medium Power $50 (excl GST) per day, Low Power User $30 (excl GST) per day.

    Overnight Power must be arranged prior to show weekend, this is charge at $50 (excl gst) per night

  • Various Plug Types

  • ‚ÄúPlug

  • Please Indicate no of outlets required

  • 16 amp or 3 phase.

    Please indicate number of outlets required.

    Thursday (9am-6pm)Thu Overnight (6pm-7am)Friday (7am-6pm)Fri Overnight (6pm-7am)Saturday (7am-6pm)TOTAL HIGH USE OUTLETS
  • Household single phase 10 amp x 3 plugs or more or 1x 15 amp single phase

    Please indicate number of outlets required.

    Thursday (9am-6pm)Overnight (6pm-7am)Friday (7am-6pm)Overnight (6pm-7am)Saturday (7am-6pm)TOTAL MED. USE OUTLETS
  • Household single phase 3 pin plug max 2 plugs

    Please indicate number of outlets required.

    Thursday (9am-6pm)Thu Overnight (6pm-7am)Friday (7am-6pm)Fri Overnight (6pm-7am)Saturday (7am-6pm)TOTAL LOW USE OUTLETS
  • Appliance Details

  • Please include the power rating (KW) and/or the current (A) located on the nameplate of the appliance e.g.1 x Urn 2 x Fridge 2 x Food Warmers/Coolers 1 x coffee grinder 3 x Spa Pools

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