[dt_sc_full_width first][dt_sc_h1 class=””]Trade Exhibitors Health & Safety Code of Conduct[/dt_sc_h1]

1. General:

  • Wearing of PPE relevant to the task is compulsory for all personnel and for tasks requiring it to be worn
  • Follow and obey all rules, signs and instructions for the showground site. If in doubt, ask!
  • Speed limit is set at a maximum of 15 km around the showground’s site at any time.
  • Always wear adequate cover including sunscreen, hat and clothing when working in the sun. Sunblock is kept at the show office
  • No firearms are allowed on this show work site.
  • Workplace bullying and harassment will not be tolerated.
  • All showground signs are to be adhered to by showground committee, trade exhibitors and the general public. Any non-compliance must be reported to the secretary/co-ordinator at the show office.
  • Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs when working, is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.

2. Hazards:

Remember: Think Good Risk Management: Eliminate, Isolate and Minimise

  • Always look out for hazards and remember to remove them, guard against them and warn others about them.
  • Report immediately to the showground’s office any condition or practice you think might cause damage to equipment or injuries to anyone.
  • Maintain safe work practices and keep yourself and others safe at all times
  • Ensure the showground’s site is kept tidy and free from unnecessary obstructions.
  • All sharp peg/ pole ends to be covered and ropes to be clearly marked if in high pedestrian area.

3. Fire and Fuels:

  • Do not have any naked flames, smoke or ignition source around flammable substances.
  • Always close petrol cans after use and keep secured in a locked shed
  • No burning rubbish or debris on site.

4. Manual Handling: Heavy Loads & Lifting:

  • Always get help for heavy loads.

5. Vehicles and Machinery:

Always assess the risk: Is the right machine, vehicle or tool being used for the task?


  • Children under the age of 16 years must not operate any machinery and must be at safe distances while machinery is in use. If necessary use a spotter to ensure a safe work area.
  • No guards or safety devices are to be removed, tampered with or modified.
  • All machinery should be used in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications and advice and should only be used for the purpose it was designed for.
  • Appropriate footwear, clothing and safety equipment must be worn while operating any machinery and long hair should be tied back and minimal jewellery worn.
  • Safety check all machinery before use and ensure work area is clear of dangerous materials and/or obstructions. Any defects in machinery should be reported to management before use.
  • Personnel may not adjust or maintain any machinery without prior approval of the management or equipment provider.
  • Do not attempt to use any machinery you are unfamiliar with, without training and supervision from the management or someone appointed by them. Only delegated operators to use machinery. Appropriate licences required.
  • Always keep a safe distance away from any other person operating machinery.
  • All tractors and machinery will be mounted and dis-mounted correctly and at no time is any personnel to climb/jump off any moving vehicle.
  • At any time when equipment or machinery becomes jammed, the operator/driver will not under any circumstances attempt to clear the obstruction without first turning the machine off completely and ensuring all moving parts have stopped moving.
  • Before use, all tractors and quad bikes will have a prestart check conducted by owner of that machine.
  • All vehicles shall be checked thoroughly. Identify and report any faults to management on vehicle maintenance sheets immediately.

Tractors and Forklifts:

  • Restrict unauthorised access on the tractor. Always remove keys when machine not in use.
  • Passengers must never be carried on or in tractors and implements.
  • Extra care must be taken while operating a tractor with front-end loader and/or implements attached. All hydraulics are to be lowered when stationary at all times
  • No one under the age of 16 may drive a tractor.
  • Visitors/ public must never operate a tractor.

Quadbikes & Motorbike:

  • Quad bike helmets to be worn at all times. Chinstrap to be done up.
  • Ensure all riders are trained / experienced enough to do the job.
  • Recognise dangerous area by establishing ‘no-go’ zones.
  • Don’t carry passengers at any time.
  • Quad bikes are not to be in the showground’s between the hours 11.30am – 4.30pm except by the express permission of show management.
  • Keep within the manufacturers towing or carrying limits.
  • Restrict unauthorised access to all the bikes. Always remove keys when machine not in use.


  • Whenever certified personnel operate a chainsaw, recommended PPE gear must be worn at all times.
  • At time of operation staff must be trained in chainsaw use and be able to produce certification to verify.

6. Emergencies:

  • The emergency procedure is displayed in show office and on all notice boards.
  • Read and understand the emergency procedures, location of the fire extinguishers, first aid kits and their use.
  • Volunteers to identify where the first aid tents/vehicles, and where the fire brigade are located.
  • Report any emergencies immediately to the show office
  • If in doubt, ask.

7. Accidents or Incidents:

  • Whenever you or the equipment you operate is involved in an accident or incident, regardless of how minor, report and record it on day of occurrence in the Health and Safety Manual and inform Show office
  • Get first-aid promptly if needed
  • Participate in rehabilitation for work related injuries / illnesses.

8. Children:

  • Children must not operate any machinery and be at a safe distance while machinery is in use
  • If it is necessary for workers / volunteers to have children with them, these children must be under the constant supervision of an adult at all times.


  1. The Code of Conduct has been compiled by the Management and Governance of this show committee to comply with the requirements of the current Health and Safety legislation and the Royal Agricultural Society Health and Safety Programme 2012.
  2. Our Upper Clutha Society Show Committee will actively promote the Code of Conduct to ensure the working environment in this business is as far as reasonably practicable free from hazards.
  3. All Trade Exhibitors and any volunteers at this show must read the Code of Conduct and be made fully aware of its importance.
  4. All Trade Exhibitors will be required to confirm that they have read and understand the Code of Conduct on arrival, this record will be retained at the show office with all Health and Safety records.
  5. The Code of Conduct is to be reviewed at least annually or as required prior to the start of any new show season or at the review following the show.
  6. Disregarding or intentionally breaking any of the rules as outlined in the Code of Conduct, will be viewed as serious misconduct and may result in disciplinary action or may result in the offender being removed from the show assistance team.


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