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Existing Trade Exhibitors

July 20, 2020 Trade

If you were a trade exhibitor at the 2020 Show your site will be held for you until the 1st of August. You must still complete the online application form for 2021. On the 1st of August any remaining sites will begin to be allocated to new exhibitors who have submitted an application. 

If you are an exisiting trade exhibitor want to secure you site and guarantee your successful application for the 2021 show you must fill out the Trade Application Form by 5pm on July 31st.  All applications received after the 31st of July will be allocated at the discretion of the Trade Manager. 

Application Form

  • Please ensure you take the time to thoroughly fill out your application form and include as much information as possible on it. 
  • The description of your product and services is where we will pull the information about your business for our website so please ensure this is completed. 
  • If you wish to request a specific location or a change in location (previous exhibitors) please add this information into your application form. 
  • The name and contact for the person who will physically be onsite looking after your trade stall is important, otherwise we will continue to send correspondence to the email address associated with the application, resulting in important emails, such as tickets, ending up in the incorrect inbox. 
  • If you are a new exhibitor please include an image of your product with your application form. 
  • Please ensure you fill out the required Health & Safety form and if you need power, want to sub-lease your site or intend on providing hospitality (food or drink) please fill out the relevant form online here
  • If you are not sure at this point if you require power, will be providing hospitality or subleasing your site these forms can be filled out at a later date. We do ask for them as soon as possible though.

We look forward to seeing you at the Show!