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A More Sustainable Show

December 3, 2020 Sustainability

The ethos of the Wanaka A&P Show is living off the land, respecting the land and celebrating the land. That’s why environmental sustainability is a responsibility we take very seriously – after all, we want locals and families to enjoy this spectacular event for many generations to come.

With 40,000 people attending the Wanaka Show each year, sustainability is an endeavour that requires a little Kiwi ingenuity and planning. Throughout this year, our team has been asking the questions: “how can we reduce that waste?” and “how can we recycle that?”

Working towards becoming more environmentally friendly is a constantly evolving journey. This year, we have developed some sustainability guidelines and practices that all trade exhibitors and Show-goers should abide by for the collective good of our town and our planet.

These are: 

  • No single use coffee cups. Wanakup will be at the Show providing reusable cups for a refundable deposit. 
  • No single-use plastic bottles. We are encouraging food stall holders to provide beverages in aluminium cans and we’ll be providing water stations around the Showgrounds to refill drink bottles.
  • Food court sustainability hub. We are creating a “sustainability hub” at either end of the main food court with signage educating people on what goes into each bin.
  • These hubs will also include compost bins for food scraps to help reduce the amount of waste going into the rubbish bins.  

Implementing change isn’t always easy but our goal as organisers of one of the South Island’s largest lifestyle events is to firmly cement these “guidelines” as official, non-negotiable rules by 2024.

By this time, we aim to have reduced our waste by 30% and we’re encouraging all of our trade exhibitors to share the same vision. If we choose reusable or recyclable products and provide compost bins for food scraps, we should be able to reduce the number of public rubbish bins on-site each year.
But it’s not just about cutting back on waste – we ideally want to reduce the amount we recycle, too. By encouraging the use of reusable drink bottles, reusable cups, reusable eating utensils and reusable bags, we can achieve our objective of decreasing the amount we recycle by 15% each year in 2021, 2020 and 2023. 
Small changes now will lead to big changes in our future and we hope our 2021 event will inspire the wonderful people of our community to live a little more sustainably. If you have any other ideas on how we can make the Wanaka Show a more environmentally friendly event, we’d love to hear them.